My vow remains.

It touches my heart the way Robin said all this. His feelings for Regina ARE real and that he LOVED Marian. Marian is the past, Regina is the future. Love will find a way.

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I suggest people not hate on Robin so fast. As anything in life, decisions like the one he made are the most difficult to make because you are going against what you heart is demanding of you. Naturally, his honor is incredibly important to him because it is who he is and not living by it will place him in an unbearable situation (this is already an impossible situation because he’s torn between his past and his present, and he’s pretty much broken as well).

You can see the man is hurting and he is feeling it physically. He could have let everything unsaid - not talking to Regina was an option, after that show Marian did outside Granny’s - and Regina would assume that she wasn’t important to him at all, but he decided to make that break up a moment to reassure her not only that their relationship was real (including his feelings) but that he wasn’t choosing Marian, but his honor.

And to me this is what matters, he wanted to make sure she understood (not easy with her, never is) that it wasn’t because of her past, but because of his. And the tone is set because he’s going to struggle really hard not to do what his heart will continuously demand of him.

Brace yourselves, my dear shipmates, the angst has just begun.

he wasn’t choosing Marian, but his honor.

he wasn’t choosing Marian, but his honor.

#this #outlaw queen #I loved that he made the effort to tell her that this was not about Marian #he didn't choose Marian #he was choosing his honor and the man he had chosen to be #against his heart he chose to be the man he has become #what I love about this storyline #is that potentially it could mean that they're going to meet in the middle #Regina's darkness could pull him in - that little bit of badness will drag them back together #and it'll show them that it's okay for them to love each other #his goodness will save her and her badness will show them they don't have to be perfect
regina, i know you’re in there.
#there was a whole episode #but this was it for me #Once Upon A Time #Regina Mills #this moment touched deeper than any other moment on the show #Regina reduced to sitting on the floor in a locked office in tears #this strong and powerful queen #crying in the corner like the little girl that never grew up #she is still that little girl and she's still curled in a ball in that stable with tears in her eyes #I want Emma to help her #and I want them to be close #but i realise now what it is i want #sisters #They need to make themselves necessary to each other #why can't they have a powerful bond that's not romantic #I want them to see each other as sisters #spoilers

Whoever the fucker that - however inadvertently - introduced me (and by default, my mother) to Outlander


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#regina mills #lana parrilla #once upon a time #my heart aches for her #every single time i hope she'll have a moment of joy #and then i hope that joy isn't followed my heartache #and credit to the arc of the story that heartache is so poignant I can feel it in my bones #and I feel all over again #the indignity of it #some say that she would deserve this #but take away the years and her misdeeds and what do you have? #a young girl who's love was stolen and stolen again #a young girl who wanted for nothing but to be happy #and that was taken from her #fuck those who believe she deserves this #she will never deserve this #ouat spoilers #spoilers


That was the person I was, not the person I am.

#I love the Lana-isms #the little hand gestures #the nod to her magic as her hindrance as well as her gift #once upon a time #regina mills #lana parrilla #i loved this as her symbol of restraint but also her symbol of her strength #the expressions in both scenes are both so drastically different #and say so much #that little look of disgust in the above #and the look of fear in the below #ouat spoilers #spoilers

She’s back


She’s back

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I am perplexed as to how people can’t understand that Regina’s office is NOT in her house. Seriously people. Her office is not in her house. The continuity of the show is not wrong - it’s that you can’t seem to grasp that REGINA’S OFFICE IS NOT IN HER HOUSE. 

#Regina's office is not in her house #Regina's office did not burn to the ground #once upon a time #regina mills #her office is in the town hall #with the Sheriff station #and the hall #her house is elsewhere #WHERE HER OFFICE IS NOT #BECAUSE HER OFFICE IS NOT IN HER HOUSE

I insist upon dancing. Anywhere. Anytime. The more dancing, the better.

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